Yahoo Mail is one of those services which are not only considered to be a secured option for professional and personal communication, but it is also known for a friendly Yahoo customer service team to avail quick assistance and help.. It has granted its user with faster email support, powerful spam filter, privacy options, reliable search history and many other features. There is no doubt that its services are quick and safe. Even the bandwidth of the email process is high-speed which provides a significant advantage to the user who needs the email to arrive or send quickly. But, there arises a situation when the functioning is jeopardized due to various reasons, and then it causes multiple errors and issues in its operation. Hence, to eradicate the problems the user has an alternative to contact Yahoo support, which are open for us 24*7.

Get Yahoo Number for instant  help from experts!

Direct Phone Number: yahoo customer support 888-807-3222

Call Time: yahoo customer support email Average Wait: 1 mins — 24/7 Support, also available on Holidays.

Third Party Support * : 877-211-2011 N/A

Call Time: 877-211-2011 Average Wait: 1 min

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1. Yahoo Chat: Common issues resolved by them

  • Forgot Yahoo password
  • Reset Y mail password
  • Password & account recovery
  • Login or logout error
  • Sign up issue
  • Account hacked recovery
  • Send receive error
  • Not receiving emails
  • Not working problem
  • Syncing issue
  • Fail to change Y mail password
  • Failed to create an account
  • Fail to sync the contacts
  • Yahoo Sign in help

Change Yahoo email password via Yahoo Live Chat

If the user is having trouble to change Yahoo password, then they have a solution of contacting Yahoo customer care for the instructions and answers. The professionals would help the user with the troubleshooting steps and the user can follow them to fix the Y mail issues.

Forgot Yahoo password? Contact Yahoo customer help phone number

Situation may arise when the user tends to face yahoo mail forgot password issue. In such circumstances the user has the authority to contact Yahoo technical support number. The helpline service is a 24/7 helpline service, providing the users with daily solutions and remedies.

Dial Yahoo customer support phone number to fix Yahoo mail server errors

Often times, while working with the Y mail, users face issue with its functioning and many times the user encounter with Yahoo mail errors. So what is to be done? The user can obtain the solutions by contacting Yahoo mail customer service or directly by Yahoo mail chat.

How to recover Yahoo hacked account by 24*7 Yahoo helpline Chat ?

Often there are times when the user faced Y mail problems including the hacking issues. The password gets compromised and the user faces hassle in their account. This issue might seem terrible but it isn’t unsolvable. User can contact Yahoo customer care number and get a step by step instruction on perform Yahoo account recovery.

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  1. I need help. When requested I get automated responses, which do not help. The error message I get is “There was a problem!
    Not sure why, but our usually-reliable server goofed-up while sending this message. Please try again.”

    I need to send my emails and just can´t do it

  2. Says my security answer is wrong. Only have 1 question. Haven’t logged in over a year. The last time I logged had to contact yahoo. When I tried to login the next day had same problem

  3. For several months I’ve had no access to my yahoo mail account, I forgot my PW and no longer has my alternative mail address or telephone number? It is important that I regain access to my mail box , I have had this for over ten years

  4. You have been banned! i got this massage from you when i tried to online chat and want help regarding my yahoo account….what type of service you providing you don’t have much options for change or reset password.

    i don’t like this way of customer support and in future i don’t want any account with yahoo. but as if now i want to reset my pass word because i mentioned this yahoo id several places.

  5. Someone is trying to hack my yahoo account, I keep on getting notices on my cell phone sign in failed. this has been going on for 5 weeks now. I have closed my yahoo account about one week ago, for this reason. I did not know what else to do why because my yahoo account has been hacked 3 times. I think it is a person from Ghana. Is there any way you can track who ever is trying to log into my old account??

    Thank you


    Thomas Fulnecky.

  6. how can i use my yahoo mail for almost 3 years. i cannot get a vitrification number on my past cellphone because i lost it. please help me. any possible question for these problem.

  7. Most of the time I have to try several times to log into email or change from email to calendar.

    Makes it difficult, especially when I am trying to make appointments with my clients.

    Please advise.

    Thanks! Connie

  8. I can’t login to my for about two months now. I tried changing passwword using the given link in my other email but even that failed. I waited more than 24hours and tried again but still unable to login. I have encountered this before too. Please assits me ASAP.

  9. can’t sign in to my yahoo account I forgot my password the number that was on file I do not have no more my new number is 614 615 09 27 the 5 email accounts that I have on there isFacebook Xbox Live Gamestop Walmart phc and Ohio Lottery if so could you please Help me you can email me back at thank you

  10. iv tried too get into my email but firefox lost my username and password trying too get in contact with customer care via email too yahoo is near on impossible//do NOT SEND A REPLY TOO YAHOO EMAIL AS ITS BEEN STUFFED UP BY SOME IDIOT IN YAHOO….send too i want the yahoo account back and reactivated trouble is also yahoo reckons the phone number isnt right which is crazy coz it is the right one i have too wait and phone up too sort this idiotic complexity

  11. I recently changed my password with the excellent assistance from your customer services. Since then, however, I have received in my spam box the following email, which purports to come from your organisation. I copy it below.

    “Yahoo! Mail Team

    Dear ,

    Sorry you are seeing this, Please bear with us.

    Google+ is undergoing some certain upgrade with our Mail Service Provider, to help improve our “ANTI-SPAM & SPAM FILTER SYSTEM”. we temporally locked your account to avoid Malicious, Fraudulent and Spam activities from your mail box.
    Click here to unlock and continue your free usage by verifying your are the owner of this account.
    Note: Ignorance of this warning will assume you are a programmed machine built for spam activities and will lead to permanent deactivation of your mail box.
    Thank for your cooperation

    Yahoo! Mail Team.”

    Please advise me I am correct in assuming this is spam mail.

    Thank you,
    Jim Hendry

  12. I have reset my password several times and I still am not able to login. Could you assist me in how to login.

  13. hi.
    i forgot my password, ive been trying to get trough help option, it says i must type the code on the screen then they will send me an sms but i didint get an sms on my phone. now i dont know what to do please help me, i cant access my emails.

    thank you

  14. Having a problem entering my yahoo because its been years two since ive been on so password was not correct could you guys help me please

  15. Please i forgot my password and i am now blocked can not check my mail. Pls my mobile number is 08034711664. I also forgot all the questions asked me

    1. Dear Sir,I am living in North Cyprus (turkish side).Now i am in Japan for short time my yahoo mail blocked.Please help me.
      Best regards,

  16. My husband can not get into his email account because he forgot his password. We went thru the process of requesting a new password. It says it sends information to l*****, which I assume should be my email account, but I am not getting the recovery email. His email address is

  17. I’m trying to figure out why an email that was sent to me has not come thru yet and it has been 24 hours

  18. Hi,

    My yahoo email has been hacked. I chenged the password, but still geting fishing emails.
    When I tried to change my security question, I recived the answer that I cannot do it. Please help me to get out from this problem

  19. I can’t access my emails. I travelled from United States if America to Tanzania and I changed my handset I don’t use the same device. And the device I use in the United States I can’t use it over here.

  20. I am trying to log into my email once logged in it ask me to verify my account and that a text will be sent to my phone number..however my phone number has i will not be able to the verification code are there any other options i need this solved immediately ib am inable to log into other accounta that are requiring me verify my account…an alternate email is ..please assist me..thanks

  21. There are only 9 e-mails in my Inbox instead of couple of thousands!!! The other folders (Sent for ex) are complete.
    I have this e-mail for a very long time, perhaps since 2002 and I would like to have all my e-mails from Inbox back as many of them are very important and contain sensitive data.
    I have noticed this error this morning.
    Please check and complete my Inbox the way it was before!!
    Please inform us if you are performing some kind of modifications to our Inbox!!!
    Please provide us a way to get in touch with Yahoo technical team in case of high importance issues/ urgent situations.
    Please solve this technical problem as soon as possible!!!

    Thank you.
    Best regards

  22. I need help please. My husband can’t open her account mail. He need to open it there mmany important things on her account mail. We try already to answer all the possible answer on security question. Please help us.. Please contact me

  23. I used yahoo mail account long time.I set on my handphone. But I ‘ve just lost one when I went taxi. I don’t remember to log in my yahoo mail and tried fix on webside of Yahoo but don’t success.
    Please help me to continue using this yahoo mail. It is very important with me for contacting.
    Hope receive feedback soon.
    My new email : and handphone : 84 935444277

  24. Please i need my password reset i cant login in because of the password and i cant change it because the alternate email i had has been deleted please can someone reset it i have very important emails and info on this account i really need it fixed

  25. I cannot log onto my email account. Apparently my email password was changed and I have no idea what it is. also when trying to get help it asks my alternate email which I have no idea what it is, and my cell number which I never put on the account. I have emailed and requested help 3 times in the past week with no answers from Yahoo??
    Please help me as soon as possible, I need access to my emails.

  26. I am currently blocked because I would like to read an important message, but I cannot access to my email address. The most important is I also forget my second secret question . Please help ASAP

  27. Yahoo takes too long to respond or work on clients’ complaints. I want to start receiving my mails as soon as possible.

  28. Please help!!!
    I can not access my email, I forgot my password and have changed my mobile number can not access old mobile number either. There must be another way to access my email. This is very important to me. Contact number is 07903432753
    Many thanks

  29. This is crap if you do not have the same phone number you are screwed.. how on earth do I change the number I have so I can access my account.. urgent emails are being sent to me.

  30. Hey I cannot access to my Email. I don’t know why. It’s not Cap-locks on or typing the wrong ID or anything like that. and then I tried to ask for my password but Yahoo sent code for verification to my old mobile phone number which I no longer use it. what can I do in this case? I have important emails waiting for me in there. thanks in advance! cheers

  31. please help me my account is supper slow,although my internet connection is 3 mbps, the other site is so easy to access, how can i solve it??

  32. I am not accessing my yahoo. yahoo kept sending text to my cell phone number that I am not using now. the number is out dated since 2014. the text is sent so that I can use the text to open my account. yahoo is doing it as a means to verify the true ownership of my account. So please open my account yahoo. the cell phone you sending text is outdated. It is not in use by me.

    Saye T. Beipa

  33. I am trying to gain access to my email address I went through the options online to find out the alternate email on my account is incorrect and I can’t follow through the password reset. Could someone please contact me asap on how I can restore that account? Thanks!

  34. I need to get some emails restored that I deleted on accident I sent a request to have this done and it worked! Problem is I deleted them once again on accident I sent multiple request to do it again and nothing yet it’s been about 3 days now. Can this not be done a second time? Please help!!!!

  35. Someone is trying to hack my yahoo account. I have closed my yahoo account about three week ago, for this reason. I want to activate my account but I forgot my password. When I do not write password, “call yahoo customer care servise”write in the screen. But there is not to get trough help option, What can I do to reactivate my account while forgot my password?
    Thank you


  36. This is the WORSE customer service EVER…..I have called 6 different times to get help logging in to my account. 1) I had to wait 12-48 hrs to try to log back in 2) told me the account was compromised 3)told me I would not be able to get account back unless I paid $500. 4) Told me no problem a Tech will call you in 25-30 mins to assist you in resetting your password. 5) told me it was wrong number and gave me non working number 6) told me there was no way to get account back to make another one and that I needed to remember the password. This is the WORST COMPANY EVER. The people who work there are USELESS!!!!!

  37. Pls help me am frustrated
    My email is not opening. It is asking me for my e eldest cousins name which I can’t remember. My schools document are in my mail which I need.pls I don’t know where to go.

  38. My Boss have an Cooperate account in Yahoo.Now he forget email id and password.what is procedure to recover it.


  39. Haven’t been able to remember my security questions after my stroke in 2011. Can you help me access my account?
    Forgot my password
    Thanks Chelsea

  40. Dear Customer Service

    I use the opportunity to introduce myself.

    I Paul hereby to inform you that I’m the owner of this Yahoo Account and I have been using this Account for more than 4 years and I have very important things in my account and I’m finding it difficult to sign in to my Yahoo Account because I have not access my account for more than 11 months.

    Please assist me to ratify the problem on my behalf in other to have access to my Yahoo Account.

    My alternative email address is

    Waiting for your response.

  41. Respected sir,
    I have a yahoo account 4:years old. and that account was also always active. but from the last 2 days I cant open my account. becoz I forgot my yahoo password.. And tried much to change my password. but still I cant access my account. I m a student and most important e mail from collages and companies I got to my email. but I cant access. they think that I m aliyas . but I m
    not alias. so plz help to open my account.

  42. Hi

    The options provided to reset your password are not helpful. I am no longer using my alternative email address and thus cannot access the reset link. In addition, I am not prompted to answer security question and I do not have any assistance by telephone or email.

    Please assist as I cannot even setup a new email address on as my details are linked with my existing profile which I’ve had since 2006.

    Kind regards,

  43. I have some problem on the inbox system . When people sent the mail to my inbox. It cannot access and show the message . I cannot read the updated message from people who sent it to me. Please help me on this issue and how to access the inbox system and read all messages. Thank you.

  44. I cannot log onto my email account. Apparently my email password was changed and hacked and I have no idea what it is. also when trying to get help it asks my alternate email which I have no idea what it is, and my cell number which I never put on the account. I have emailed and requested help 3 times in the past week with no answers from Yahoo??
    Please help me as soon as possible, I need access to my emails.
    My ID in yahoo


  46. I seem to be licked out of my Yahoo account since I had problems yesterday ( Sunday ) trying to use a site called Computershare in Australia .The screen says Safari can’t open as can’t establish a secure connection to the server “”

  47. Although the password recovery of Yahoo Mail is quite easy, and I have been doing it since ages, I am stuck this time. Please help me come out of this situation.

  48. Recently I forgot my yahoo email account password. I tried a lot to access it by replying security questions, using alternate email ID, but I was unable to recover the password every time. Finally, I decided to take help from the Yahoo customer care online. They help me to recover my account password, just by knowing a few of account details. Now I am using my Yahoo account happily. Thanks for Instant help!

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