Providing security for systems used by consumers and businesses, Webroot Inc. that was founded in the year 1997 has emerged as one of the leaders in the security software industry. The privatized company is known for producing high end security tools that empower the system to fight back the online threats that may be in the form of computer viruses or other malicious codes.

Despite the high quality and state-of-the-art features they do get affected with corruption issues, restricting them from rendering the required protection. In other cases, users fail to get it either installed or updated in the correct way. Here are some of the errors encountered by the users of Webroot branded security tools:

  • Error: The client lacks sufficient authorization
  • Failure in the installation of the security products
  • Difficulty upgrading to an advanced/latest version
  • Error 21 problems including PC crash and freezing
  • Error code 1308 with Webroot Anywhere Anti-Virus software

Call Webroot customer support at this Number for good services

Phone Number: 888-807-3222

Talk to human: Direct to human.

Call Time: Mon-Fri: 7am-6pm MST

For online help: Customer Care

Company URL:

useful tools &
number to call: call via web

Experiencing trouble with the brand’s security products is not a daily activity, but does affect to a high extent. It disrupts the sole purpose of having the antivirus and other security products on one’s system. If affected by any sort of issues, call at the Webroot customer service number and request recovery

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