No matter if you own a large or a small scale business organization, maintaining the tax and return files are probably the toughest tasks. And so, software like Turbotax comes to the rescue. It has been designed and developed in such a way that it lets the user manage and compute the tax and return files like a pro. Now, if you are thinking which Turbotax do I need, then to be honest, it comes in different versions, and each of them offers specific advantages. Before choosing the one, you need to analyze. In fact, you can opt for Turbotax help as well.

Common Problems Fixed by the Turbotax Customer Support Team:

  • Unable to login/ logout
  • Turbotax calculator not working
  • Unable to sign in or sign out
  • Unable to access the coupon
  • Failed to install or setup
  • Unable to choose the best version
  • Data recovery problems
  • How to do I avail the free edition
  • Turbotax Refund tracker not working
  • How to I use Turbotax online free version
  • Password recovery issues due to forgotten password

Get Connected to Turbotax Phone Number and Avail Reliable Support:

Direct Number:888-450-3444

Contact : Click Here to Request a Call Back in 5 Minutes
Call Time: support for turbotax Average Wait: 3 mins. 24/7 Support, also available on Holidays.
Call Time: 888-450-3444 Average Wait: 1 min
For online help: turbotax customer service Customer Care
useful tools & number to call: call via web

If you want to avail the phone support, feel free to dial their toll-free number. Call them up now to connect with the helpline team for 24 hour customer service help. Intuit Turbotax phone number and other contact information can be availed from Contactforhelp. Our website provides all the verified and checked customer care numbers of the USA and Canada-based companies.

6 thoughts on “Turbotax Customer Service

  1. This turbo thing is a fraud! We never used Turbo tax to file taxes.My husband does it by hand but today, they withdrew $54.99 in my account without my authorization! This turbo tax allows hackers to steal other’s account,what a fraudulent company!!! I have no clue why they did this to my account,good thing I always keep an eye on my account!

  2. Re: FRAUDULENT Returns and Billing

    We have received bills from your office for services we did not order– your bill states that our refund after adjustment was insufficient to pay the amount of the Turbotax fees..This is because we did not file with Turbotax

    We were victims of fraudulent tax returns and have reported this to the IRS
    The TURBOTAX order numbers were:
    EFE3SMOVP12VQY81 for Elizabeth Tomlinson
    EFE3SMQ9V12VRKEN for Stephen Bartels
    Please remove our account from your billing service

  3. i wont to no why haven’t you all sent me my taxes return i did my taxes online with you all and you all haven’t sent me my money i wont my taxes money i paid you all & 60.00 dollars for my taxes and you all do not need to be asking me to send you any more money because that is not going to happen i am not the bank i am upset that you all haven’t sent me my taxes refund money money to me on my debit prepaid card to me and i would like to no i wont some answer from you all and you should be asking me for any more money i am on a fix income and i would like for you all to send me your address so i can send you a copy of my taxes i am on social security i hope when you get my messages you will respond back to me with your address so i can send you a copy of my taxes thank you and have a blessed day

  4. i had to purchase premium turbo this past tax season because it did not include real estate as it did in the past and did so on line was sent an e-mail that i would get a refund for $25. after i filed taxes did so and received a comformation number mxf44f4ecs and told i would receive a check in 3 days mail out . received a e-mail from sason goodarzi stating that you made an error and are working to correct it. this the last week in july thats a long 3 days ? in addition i paid 30 + dollars to update and refund was supposed to be for 25 what happen?

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