Tenda router can be your first preference if you want a reasonable wireless router. In addition to the sheer features and advanced functionality, Tenda routers are the best network equipment for both home and office purposes. However, like other router devices, these routers become faulty and malfunctioning after a certain period of time that may be difficult for some users to get back in service. On that condition, call at the Tenda customer service number to seek the best possible help and hassle-free solutions.

A few of the common Tenda Router problems are as follows:

  • Slow Internet speed
  • Unable to setup Trenda router
  • Issues in connecting to the network
  • IP conflicts and configuration errors
  • Drivers and firmware updating problems
  • Password resetting and recovery difficulties
  • Unable to setup router for wireless connection
  • Other troubleshooting errors with Tenda routers

Dial Tenda customer support Number for instant service

Phone Number: Tenda Customer Service1-888-807-3222

Call Time: tenda router support number Average Wait: 3 mins 24/7
Independent Support * :  1-877-211-2011 (Talk to human)
Call Time:  1-877-211-2011 Average Wait: 1 min
For online help: tenda support service Customer Care
Company URL: tenda router support phone number http://tendacn.com/en/default.html
useful tools &number to call: call via web

If your Tenda router is suffering from one of the above-outlined problems and you don’t know how to settle down, don’t need to worry anymore. Just give a call at the Tenda contact number registered here to get your router-related problems resolved in a hassle-free manner. So, go down to discover the certified and trusted phone numbers.

8 thoughts on “Tenda Customer Service

  1. I’m having trouble with my router. I have to re-set a network password, and can’t make it work. Please help.

    1. HI, Hold reset key for 7 second.It will reset everything as factory settings. Then you should login with default username password.

  2. Hi! I am having trouble making a wireless connection with a Tenda N300 Home Router. After I insert my ISP username & password on the page it keeps saying on the connection status field: connecting…. for long periods of time and it does not show eventually an established connection. It’s not unexpected then that i have no internet connection at all. In fact I can’t access the router. The ISP name/pass work as a broadband connection. An Ethernet cable connected to the router shows internet connection, as well.

  3. i have purchased tenda n3 150 mbps router it has worked gud before 3 months but now it is not connecting to network . what should i do. it gets supply and gives wifi signal but no net.

  4. helo sir
    i have Tenda Wireless N150 Easy Setup Router. i want to change my router password.
    so pls tell me how to change the password.

  5. I had purchased N3 150 router but after three months its not showing any indication. I mean no power supply indication. I changed router adapter with my new tanda router but still no power. what to do

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