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Netgear is a reputed name in the world of routers that offers incredible reliability, high-end performance and friendly user-interface. However, being an electronic device itself, no one can claim the fact that it is free from all errors and technical glitches. Nevertheless, Netgear Customer Service promises that no matter what the issue is, it will be resolved on-the-spot. Some of the issues that affect the its users are:

  • Wireless router setup
  • Router installation issues
  • Issues with wireless signals
  • Netgear n150 wireless USB adapter
  • Router login issue
  • Netgear router access
  • Router setup issues
  • No internet connectivity
  • Configuration problems
  • Wireless router setup problem
  • Netgear n600 setup
  • Poor connectivity
  • Password recovery

To resolve these glitches or any other bugs related to this Router, connect with the technical experts by calling them up at Netgear wireless support number.  Since the authentic number of Netgear Customer Support is enlisted below, you will hardly find difficulty in availing this number.

Avail reliable support services by calling NETGEAR at this number

Phone Number:   Netgear Customer Service  888-604-2301

Call Time:  call netgear router support   Average Wait: 25 seconds. 24 hours, 7 days, also available on Holidays.

Independent Support * : 888-604-2301  888-276-8613    (Talk to human)

Call Time: 888-604-2301 Average Wait: 2 mins
For online help:   netgear customer number   NETGEAR Customer Care
Company URL:   netgear customer services number
number to call:        call via web
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2 Responses to Netgear Customer Service

  1. Brian Woodring says:

    Good Morning, My name is Brian Woodring. I’m an account manager for Sprint. I have a customer that has several Netgear Zing devices. The batteries they have are not lasting very long and they would like to get them replaced. they are under the 1 year timeframe. I tried to see if we still carried refresh batteries but didn’t have any luck there. Is it possible to get 4-5 batteries sent to the customer?


  2. Nath says:

    Hi I have a netgear n300 wireless modem router, I have nbn and don’t have a splitter. I have internet going through nbn but my phone has no port on the router but got it plugged in the adsl+ part I love router but do I need a splitter cause my phone line through wall doesn’t work anymore due to nbn

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