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Direct Phone Number:     888-276-8613   (Only Computer Users Supported)
Talk to human:        Wait for the operator.
Call Time:              24×7 Support, also available on Holidays.
Worldwide Toll Free Number:  888-276-8613
Call Time:              24×7 Support.
For online help:      Customer Care
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39 thoughts on “Mojang customer service

  1. plese add these to minecraft ps3 by next update : stained glass , command block , mods , maps , grief fixer , everything in minecraft pc. iI want update by 5/26/15 @ 12:00pm illinois,usa time

  2. I bought a Vanilla Visa prepaid giftcard in order to purchase an account, and it is not working. What do you recommend I do next?

  3. I’m am so mad! A player in minecraft was being impolite to girls!He said girls suck at minecraft and at like I don’t know his name though on a server.the ip is please fix these kinds of issues sincerely a minecraft lover -MCDiva527

  4. Hello i,ve been having memory problems lately with Minecraft .Sometimes i put stuff in chests & later its both in my inventory and chest or mine stuff put in chest later not there but not still where it was before i mined it from.I had an error the other and from 0 X&Z to 256 X&Z reset , i lost many.I like playing Minecraft i just wish the memory worked always

  5. Hey mojang my minecraft account got hacked and I lost a rank I bought a rank on gotpvp for 10 dollars and I had tons of good stuff and lost it cause some one hacked me I was wondering if you can contact me on my email and help me cause I am pretty upset

  6. On minecraft login, i log in and so the security queation, and i look to see if im logged in (i am) but it spamms me with security question and i cant change my skin or play minecraft now. Please help

  7. So I was playing minecraft on Pc and I want to do a command block to do a command and I won’t work like the lucky block vanilla version where you do a command well I did don’t work and the pervious output said it doesn’t exist when other people did it perfectly fine I m pretty sure I did it right but I won’t work

  8. dear mojang,
    me and my friends play multiplayer on minecraft p.e. a lot but on one of my survival world we built a snow fort and we can’t have snowball fights because my dog will kill them! and we also have a battle bridge ( we try to knock each other off with wooden swords ) and my dog will kill them again! so i was wandering if you could add this in the new p.e. update: your dogs don’t attack actual players or any other peaceful mobs ( i always hit my sheep on accident ) but, they do attack hostile mobs. and that’s really all, so i really do hope you could add this soon, so thanks!

  9. HELP!! Someone hacked into my account, changed their skin and username and password! I’ve change my password so they cannot use my account. However, they banned me off some servers. They hacked me on 11June2015, can you help restore everything that happened before that date? THANKS:)

  10. When I deleted one of my worlds MINECRAFT Xbox 360 deleted one of my favorite most hard worked on worlds,how do I fix this,please respond.

  11. In Minecraft i keep on trying to log back in and it won’t work. Then i register in, and then i only get to play the demo. I already paid 27 dollars, so i need help to get my account back.

  12. When I go to play minecraft my screen is extremely glitch and looks broken no matter what I do. I have tried deleting and redownloading the game several times but there was no change. It is frustrating considering I payed 30 dollars for the game and I can’t even play it. Please help me find a solution to my issue.

  13. My minecaft keeps crashing and i dont know ho to fix it. i can run it for a maximum of 5 minutes and then it just crashes and gives me no information about why it crashed, its really annoying, could you please help?

  14. Hi please could you add more items, biomes, bosses, locations, temples, command blocks, texture packs to consoles because i think minecraft is getting a bit boring at the minute on console and if you added more stuff it would really up the game a lot. Please could you reply saying yes or no because i really want to know when this kind of stuff will be out on console platforms.

  15. I have accidentally deleted my worlds. Is there a way to restore the data? Or restore to a previous date and time?

  16. Can you pls add capes to the new version of mc because it is weird being Steve – Bubba Wednesday July 15 Cupertino time

  17. I was playing Minecraft in Singleplayer and my computer froze, I issued a hard reset and I lost my world and all my progress. I saved multiple times and I cant get it back. Can someone please help me?

  18. I am asking two questions I need YouTube rank on my survival games
    I started to record but it won’t work as a YouTube rank.
    And my next one is how can u make a video while playing minecraft

  19. when i go on minecraft launcher, i hit play, and it does the usual loading thing and then it takes me to game output and game output is blank. i cant play the game! =(

  20. Could someone please help me, i have had minecraft for a long time now and i went on to my minecraft and tried to open up a world but when it said building terrain it kept crashing and the description was Updating screen events. Please someone help.

  21. i have bought $20 worth the skins on minecraft on ps3 and it wont let me
    select them it says they are locked and i try to reinstall them but it wont let me and there is several bugs in the ps3 edition.

  22. I tried to get onto my minecraft account and it said i had the wrong password then i changed my password and it still said wrong password please help miscroft

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