McAfee Antivirus Customer Service

Being an integral division of Intel Security, McAfee delivers hands-on security solutions along with the services that aid to secure systems and networks around the globe. It is designed to improve and help businesses to achieve operational efficiencies by integrating anti-malware, antispyware, and antivirus software.

However, users might face certain issues while using it on a continuous basis. Some common problems faced by the users are: –

  • Billing issues
  • Installation or uninstallation troubles
  • Antivirus Updating issues
  • Wireless connection issues
  • Internet Security issues
  • System slowdown
  • Download Error Codes Like 12152, 1920, 1068 etc.

So, if you are stuck with similar issues, get it resolved instantly by either contacting McAfee customer support or by giving a call on alternative numbers enlisted below.

Get reliable customer services for McAfee Internet Security by calling at below number

Phone Number:     888-604-2301

Call Time:                Average Wait: 2 mins — 24×7 Support, also available on Holidays.
Talk to human:      Wait for the operator.
For online help:     McAfee Customer Care
Company URL:
useful tools &
number to call:            call via web

4 Responses to McAfee Antivirus Customer Service

  1. Gary Magor says:

    Hi I’ve had $99,95 taken from my bank account without my authorization and i would like it back thanks Gary

  2. guylaine Néron says:

    on ma installe l’antivérus sans mon autorisation, comme suggéré je l’ais désinstallé dans les 30 jours mais je n’ais toujours pas reçu le crédit dans mon compte. je me pose de sérieuse question sur le serieux de cette entreprise.

  3. alan hepworth says:

    Two points…it seems I have been charged over £70 for my annual renewal when I was expecting to have £40-odd deducted from my Visa. How come? Secondly, I’ve been contacted twice by Virgin suggesting I fell victim to “gozi malware” on June 20. They go on to suggest I should involve them to deal with such interference – if what they claim is true, what has McAfee been doing to prevent it or is Virgin just trying it on? Would welcome an early reply to both points. Yours, Alan Hepworth

  4. Lee Morton says:

    I would like a refund as I was never made aware that my subscription would auto renew

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