If you are not well aware of the configuration process and want to install and configure the Canon printer, you can follow these quick installation steps:

  1. Search for the model number of your Canon printer. Most of them have it in the front or on the side.
  2. Visit the official website and download the Canon printer drivers. Input the modem number and choose the operating system to download the compatible drivers.
  3. Connect your Canon printer to the PC by following instructions. Click the computer Start menu and then click the ‘Control Panel’ icon.
  4. Click the ‘Hardware’ section, and then choose the ‘Printers’ option, followed by the ‘Add Printer’ button. Use the appropriate port.
  5. Select your Canon printer and then the correct model. Click the ‘Next’ button and then the wizard will start to complete the process.

Now, you can try to print a test page to ensure it works appropriately. After continuing with the above-given steps, you will be able to install the Canon printer successfully. If you’re unable to configure, you can call the experts at our toll-free phone numbers.

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