If your Canon printer has rejected to print your documents by disabling the ‘Check Ink’ U140 or U150 error, then you can follow these steps to fix the problems.

  1. Cancel or remove all awaiting printing tasks on your computer. Switch off your Canon printer and access the door to the ink tray, typically placed at the top of the printer beyond the paper tray.
  2. Replace the non-Canon ink cartridges in your printer with original ones. To do so, press down on the cartridge to raise it up to place and then take it out of the printer.
  3. Now, put the Canon ink cartridges inside your Canon printer and then ensure that it’s set correctly.
  4. Press the printer door to close it securely and then power your printer on. Your Canon printer will self-recognized the original cartridge, and the error message will be fixed.

If you need customer support anytime, then you can call on our Canon printer customer care number to get assistance in order to solve all sorts of error message connected to your Canon printer.

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