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Nowadays, social media has become the world’s most popular social networking website which allows its users to talk, chat, create profiles, and even share photos and videos with friends, family members, colleagues and other ones anytime regardless of which area of the world they belong to. This social platform is used by the billions of users all over the world because of its exciting features; however, in most circumstances, users may experience a variety of technical issues when using their social account, and therefore they can quickly get solutions by contacting social media customer care whenever required help.

These are the common issues of social users may face periodically:-

  • login errors.
  • Account Recovery Issues.
  • Unblock People on social media.
  • Enhance the security settings.
  • Make social profile private.
  • Deactivate/Activate social account.
  • Search People from the city on social site.
  • Unable to download videos from social media.

No doubt! It is a social hub for all users due to its amazing features, however, social media experience criticism at times because of some knotty glitches which seem so gigantic to resolve. At such time, experts help plays an important role to solve all technical flaws or other functional errors. Getting in touch with experts isn’t a big deal; you just require calling the social customer service number where you can get the perfect and prompt solution.

Avail Instant Customer Support by dialing the following Social Phone Number


ContactForHelp: 888-604-2301

Call Time: facebook customer support Average Wait: 4 mins, also available on Holidays. 24×7 Support

For online help: facebook customer service number Customer Care

Contact : Click Here to Request a Call Back in 5 Minutes

14 Responses to Social Media Customer Service Number

  1. Hi. i cannot access my fb account. i cant remember my password and my email address gas changed. I tried to reset my account on fb but havent been winning. your help is greatly appreciated abhita

  2. Shannon bostelman says:

    Long story short, my sons father may try to take my son from me once we move back home and I need the msgs from 3 yrs ago in our messages for proof he doesn’t deserve this child.. He has me blocked and I can’t view msgs that far behind.. His name is Tyler Schmid. I’m also trying to get child support for my son. If you could release these msgs to me, my lawyers and i would really appreciate it.

  3. Mark says:

    shannon: go to account settings and request a download of your Facebook account. They will send you an email when it is ready. Download it when you can. Under the tab of “messages” it will have the complete history of any FB message / chat thread for your permanent record.

  4. i was hacked yesterday and my facebook password what changed by the hacker. I have changed the password but it will not let me recover my account. what shall I do?

  5. Parker smith says:

    My account was hacked last night and I reset my password and when I login it tells me I’ve been making my account secure since this morning please help me

  6. Peter says:

    On your indication I have converted the profile of our sportsclub to a page according to the stated instructions on august 13th. However, I now no longer have access to the page with the previous login credentials, the email address I logged in with does not seem to be linked to the account anymore according to the onscreen message I get. When I try to login , I get the message that page is being converted. I may assume that converting should be ready by now, however I still can not login.

  7. kvng says:

    I need a new password I forgot mine please send my new password for kvng Anderson profile .you can send it to please thank you

  8. I forget my password but sum1 is using I’m pulling my hair out plz help

  9. Yasir says:

    please my accounts has been and I can’t open it please help me to open it .please

  10. Tamara says:

    How long it usually takes to get your Facebook account verified

  11. mike morton says:

    I have some how created a second face book page by accident. please I only want my original page only. so would you please delete my latest one?
    thank you very much
    mike morton

  12. Mpiletso montsi says:

    Pls guys help me delete that account by Mpiletso montsi pls I have account by Nthaby montsi

  13. Tim hughs says:

    I am a regular Facebook user. This is the best way to keep up with people, but I had a very bad experience due to its privacy issues. Recently, Facebook has suspended my Facebook account and I have much tried to get back my account, but I was unable to do on your own. Because I needed to reply some security questions that I have not remembered them. At last, I have decided to take the experts help online via the Facebook phone number. They help me to recover my Facebook account successfully. Now I am using my Facebook account without any hassle. Thank you very much!

  14. Steve says:

    How can I set the news feed on my page on “most recent” rather than “top stories” and KEEP IT THERE? I and many others I know don’t want “top stories.” “Most recent” keeps post in a time order fashion. That’s what we want. I have changed my setting back to “most recent” as much as 15 times in a day.

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