In this digital world, Facebook play a vital role in our everyday lives.  From helping us to connect with our friends, family members and colleagues, social media platforms are more like a boon to us. No matter if you want to share photos, videos or simply an idea, you would always look up to these social media handles. In fact, with changing times, Facebook has started playing a significant aspect for maintaining the brand value and increasing the reach of your startup or an established business.

ContactForHelp: 1-888-450-3444

Call Time: facebook customer support Average Wait: 4 mins, also available on Holidays. 24×7 Support

For online help: facebook customer service number Customer Care

Contact : Click Here to Request a Call Back in 5 Minutes

There are instances where the users have to face a series of issues while using Facebook, be it the login problem or password recovery issues. In case, you are also stuck with a similar kind of problem, make sure that you know to take Facebook help. Here, we have come up with some of the common problems associated with the same, take a look:

  • Unable to change or reset password
  • Password recovery problems
  • Unable to login or logout from account
  • Unable to sign in or sign up
  • Unable to download videos from social media.
  • Unable to change privacy settings
  • Unable to activate account
  • Unable to deactivate account
  • Block/ unblock friends
  • Social Media not working

Avail Instant Customer Support by dialing the following Facebook Phone Number

How to Contact Facebook Support?

If you need assistance or help, we would recommend you to contact the experts via live chat, email or phone. You can contact their Facebook customer service  as soon as possible to avail instant assistance from them. To get the authentic, reliable and toll-free phone number for login help or to resolve other problems, visit our website – Contactforhelp. After availing the facebook customer support numbers from here, you will be easily able to connect with the social media professionals.

16 thoughts on “Facebook Customer Service

  1. Hi. i cannot access my fb account. i cant remember my password and my email address gas changed. I tried to reset my account on fb but havent been winning. your help is greatly appreciated abhita

  2. Long story short, my sons father may try to take my son from me once we move back home and I need the msgs from 3 yrs ago in our messages for proof he doesn’t deserve this child.. He has me blocked and I can’t view msgs that far behind.. His name is Tyler Schmid. I’m also trying to get child support for my son. If you could release these msgs to me, my lawyers and i would really appreciate it.

  3. shannon: go to account settings and request a download of your Facebook account. They will send you an email when it is ready. Download it when you can. Under the tab of “messages” it will have the complete history of any FB message / chat thread for your permanent record.

  4. On your indication I have converted the profile of our sportsclub to a page according to the stated instructions on august 13th. However, I now no longer have access to the page with the previous login credentials, the email address I logged in with does not seem to be linked to the account anymore according to the onscreen message I get. When I try to login , I get the message that page is being converted. I may assume that converting should be ready by now, however I still can not login.

  5. I am a regular Facebook user. This is the best way to keep up with people, but I had a very bad experience due to its privacy issues. Recently, Facebook has suspended my Facebook account and I have much tried to get back my account, but I was unable to do on your own. Because I needed to reply some security questions that I have not remembered them. At last, I have decided to take the experts help online via the Facebook phone number. They help me to recover my Facebook account successfully. Now I am using my Facebook account without any hassle. Thank you very much!

  6. How can I set the news feed on my page on “most recent” rather than “top stories” and KEEP IT THERE? I and many others I know don’t want “top stories.” “Most recent” keeps post in a time order fashion. That’s what we want. I have changed my setting back to “most recent” as much as 15 times in a day.

  7. How to contact Facebook by phone? I have been facing a lot of problems as my Facebook account hacked. I need some quick Facebook customer support. Please provide me their 24*7 toll-free number.

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