Wouldn’t it be a pathetic situation when you know you have received an important email on your Yahoo mail account, but cannot open it as you have forgotten the email? Well, if similar is your situation and you also forgot Yahoo password, do not panic. Yes, there is always the second route, and we will discuss that in this blog itself. Here, we will talk about all the possible ways through which you can actually get the steps for Yahoo password recovery. Let’s take a look at the steps:

yahoo password recovery

Yahoo password reset

  • If you want to reset the password, you need to follow the steps that are enlisted-below:
  • At first, you are supposed to open the sign-in helper page of the Yahoo Mail on the browser that you are currently using
  • Now, you are supposed to enter the Yahoo mail email ID, or you can also use the phone number.
  • Next, it is important for you to click on the “Next” button.

Now, you have to choose the steps accordingly. We have categorized the steps for every user whether you have or you don’t have the recovery phone number or email ID.

Recover yahoo password

If you have a phone number linked to your Yahoo Mail:

  • You need to click on the option for “Yes, text me an Account Key.”
  • Once you get the text, enter the account key, and continue to follow the on-screen instruction. With this, you will be able to recover the Yahoo Password.
  • Now, if you don’t receive the text, make sure that you have clicked on “I don’t have access to this phone.”
  • Now, simply verify you account and your can easily change yahoo password.

If you have an email ID linked to your Yahoo Mail:

  • Now, if you don’t have the phone number to get the verification account key as text to change Yahoo password, you should settle for the next option. If you have a recovery email ID, you can use that as well for Yahoo password reset.
  • Under the option for “Do you have access to this email,” you need to click on the option for “Yes, text me an Account Key”
  • Now, when you receive the recovery account key, make sure that you have accordingly typed it in the field available on your screen.
  • You can simply follow the instruction that is provided to you, and you will be able to recover Yahoo password.

How to change password on yahoo

If you don’t have any recovery phone or email ID and you forgot Yahoo password, make sure that you have `used the security questions that you have set while creating the account. If you answer them correctly, you will be able to reset Yahoo password immediately. If you are unable to change the password by trying the hacks; you should try to take a contact Yahoo customer service instantly.

Yahoo support

If you want an expert’s advice on Yahoo account problems, make sure that you have dialed their tech support phone. To avail their authentic and verified official toll-free number, make sure that you have visited the official directory of Contactforhelp. Once you have availed the number of Yahoo email support from here, contact them instantly and get instant support to fix its common and complex issues related to password change, reset and recovery.

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