Why Isn’t The Lexmark Printer Detecting The Refilled Ink Cartridge?

Lexmark Inkjet printers are so inexpensive because the printer manufacturers compensate for the lowest price by selling the ink cartridge refills. Many users prefer to purchase an inkjet cartridge refill kit instead of buying new cartridges, which lets the user insert ink into the cartridges and usage them once more. However, it can also cause issues with your printer that may not always detect the refilled ink cartridge for different reasons. Remember that if you use the refilled cartridge, it can void the printer’s warranty.

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Lexmark Cartridge Not Installed Correctly

The most common cause the refilled ink cartridge doesn’t operate is that you didn’t reinstall it correctly. See the cartridge and confirm that it’s not misaligned or dislodged. If there’s no clear sign of misalignment, extract the ink cartridge and reinstall it again.  In such situations, you can contact Lexmark printer support and seek assistance.

Mismatched Ink

One of the possibilities of purchasing an ink refill kit is that it may not be manufactured to operate with your Lexmark Inkjet printer or it’s incompatible with the printer. The refill kit may be designed to work with your printer, not that with the specific model. If it doesn’t, your printer will not access the ink, and even it may damage your printer. At this stage, you should consult with the Lexmark customer care engineers to get the resolution.

Cartridge May Not Be Designed For Recycling

Some of the Lexmark printer models actually design their ink cartridges to permit themselves after some amount of ink has distributed via the unit. When it happens, the ink cartridge codes itself off and is unusable permanently by any other printer, in spite of how much ink is inside it. At such time, you have no other choice but to buy a new cartridge. You can get suggestion by contacting the Lexmark support regarding that.

Lexmark Printer Hardware

Another cause is that your printer itself is damaged. The easiest method to check for that is to try to install it on another system. If the problem still exists, you should do some hardware repairing to get your refilled ink cartridge operating again. You should clean the printer nozzles and align the cartridge; both of them are automatic procedures that can be started within the maintenance settings of your Lexmark printer.

Further Troubleshooting

If your printer problems still continue, you should call at the Lexmark printer technical support phone number to get support to fix communication-related error messages and other common malfunctions and mistakes that cause such kinds of issues. The Lexmark support executives are always willing to help you to resolve several printing issues.

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