What’s Amazing About The New MS Outlook Email?

Microsoft completes its promise of designing an advanced email version that brings the new look and feel of some impressive functionality to the users of Office 365. The new Outlook resembles the easy features from the previous versions. These changes are minor but ultimately improves the overall performance and experience. The MS Outlook email help support has verified all the new changes for the convenience of the regular Office 365 users.

Outlook helpline number

Outlook 2016 For Android and iPhone features:

Clutter: The latest clutter feature is included from the Office 365, that helps to filter unwanted email messages in the Inbox. It is a unique feature available for Outlook Android or iPhone. This feature analyzes the user’s email habits and helps to manage emails automatically in and out of the clutter folder.

Pop-Out Email Windows: Popup or Pop-out is one of the another significant additions in this latest version that helps to refer other mail while copying or typing. So now, you can pop-out single email messages that you send or receive on separate windows, which obviously makes your task easier!

Add-ons: Finally, Outlook supports all the add-ons created especially for the Office 365 and Outlook 2016 for MAC and Windows. Enable or disable the add-ons as per the needs and requirements. Some of the attractive add-ons are PayPal for Outlook, Evernote, Bing Maps, and Uber Ride Reminder.

Smart OneDrive sharing: It helps in moving the attached files from email to OneDrive. It allows the user to share several files that exceed the limits.

Edit Office Attachments in Real Time: Save time by editing the MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents in real time. Now, you don’t have to waste your time downloading the attached files while  editing one by one. Now, do it direct and access email smartly.

Easy to Manage Calendar: You can search the Calendar for events or the invited people. Manage the Calendar intelligently in the new Outlook and never miss any important tasks.

So, along with these new addons and features, experience the new Outlook for mobile, and the latest version supports advanced features in Android and iPhone. For best performance, Microsoft upgraded the Outlook mobile web client. The update allows the user to enjoy smart swipe gestures and unique add-ons. If you face problems while using the new email version, then dial the Outlook helpline number. The technical support is beneficial for installing latest add-ins and managing email account by implementing the unique Outlook features. Refer the Contactforhelp directory to find the direct helpline number of the trusted Outlook support contact details.

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