What To Do When You’re Unable to Upload Photos to Facebook

Facebook wall without pictures would simply be a ‘book,’ which is not just as much exciting. The Facebook photo section is one of the core components of this social-network platform. However, it doesn’t mean that the picture utility runs accurately for every Facebook user. If you’re facing issues in uploading photos to Facebook, you can fix the problems by getting the expert guidance via the Facebook contact number. You can also overcome the photo uploading errors with some simple troubleshooting solutions.

Facebook contact number

Fix 1 – Check Requirements

File formats and size can be the reason of photo uploading issues. Facebook limits the file size and type of the photo upload tool. Before you upload an image directly to your PC, ensure that it’s saved as the BMP, JPG, TIF, GIF file. The file can’t be more than 15 MB in size; still, it is unlikely if you have not created an enormous multi-layered image with Photoshop. Facebook can’t accept pictures that have single dimension three times bigger than the other. Therefore, if a photo is 500 pixels long, it can be 2000 pixels tall. Similarly, Facebook supports a minimum size requirement. Ensure your pictures are at least 180 pixels long before uploading them.

Fix 2 – Update Flash

The photo upload utility of Facebook is coded in Flash player, which shows a thumbnail image of your photo from your PC. If you have not used the updated version of Flash, its upload tool won’t load correctly. Go to the Adobe’s Flash site and check the version. Naturally, as you require an up-to-date version of Flash, you must check that your web browser is updated completely.

Fix 3 – Facebook Add-ons

In most cases, your web browser prevents the photo upload tools and asks you to install a “Facebook add-ons.”  This error will display differently in different web browsers, showing an ‘Install missing plug-in’ message on the top of the screen. This add-on is a free browser extension that is designed to enhance the website experience. At first, it may look like a nuisance, but it may help you upload photos. It has a photo upload section just like the Windows Explorer. You choose folders from the top of the window and then find photos you want to upload. When complete, click the ‘Use Selected Photos’ button to upload photos to Facebook.

Fix 4 – Intermittent Problems

The Facebook help section lists some issues that arise occasionally. For instance, the ‘Select images’ icon may display grayed out. It happens frequently Facebook prompts you to address a report via the help pages. Sometimes, photo albums or individual picture doesn’t appear. That kind of problem is temporary, and it should usually work after some time.

However, if you’re often encountering problems when uploading photos to Facebook from your computer and these solutions as given above have not helped you to settle down the matters, then instantly contact Facebook customer service number to obtain prompt resolutions.

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