Top 7 Solutions for KODAK ESP 3200 Series All-in-One Printer Issues

While running a business, printers are an important object for your office. If you are so fed up and going to purchase a new printer because of your printer isn’t working, or it has the ink smudges or paper jams, wait for a while. Sometimes, performing a little regular maintenance can be helpful to eradicate such issues without being dialed the Kodak customer service toll-free number for the help.Here are few simple troubleshooting tips that can use to fix your Kodak all-in-one printer issues.

kodak-printersupport-toll-free-numberKodak Printer doesn’t power on –

  • Check that you’re using the correct power cord of the printer.
  • Ensure the power cord is plugged into a power outlet or strip and is connected to the AC adapter.
  • Check that the USB cable is accurately connected to the printer. If it’s not, then reconnect it. Restart your PC also.

 Printer not recognized –

  • Check your Kodak printer is plugged into the electric switch and turned on as well.
  • Make sure that you have a USB 2.0 cable which is connected to both the computer and your printer.

 Printhead carriage jam –

  • First of all, reveal the printer access door and check for the obstacles.
  • Make sure that the ink cartridges and printhead are installed properly.

 Image quality Issues –

  • To get the best outcomes, use Kodak printer paper or the paper has a logo of COLORLOK Technology on the package.
  • Check that the paper is loaded properly.
  • For more assistance, call at the Kodak toll-free number and ask the professionals to solve out issues related to the missing colors and blank prints instantly.

 Ink cartridge Issues –

Make sure that the Kodak Ink Cartridges are installed properly. Never user the third-party or refilled ink cartridges.

Remove the cartridges, and then reinstall it. Check that the cartridges are placed properly.

 Paper Jams –

  • Check for the paper piece in the area of the front-access cleanout.
  • Reveal the printer access door and gradually take away any paper if you found in the printer.
  • Make sure that the paper aligned in the tray is free of creases or tears.
  • Check that you don’t overload the paper tray during alignment.

Error messages or other technical issues –

If all else is not appropriate solutions to fix your Kodak printer issues, then you can call at the Kodak customer service phone number and get a further assistance and basic troubleshooting instructions to fix all sorts of Kodak ESP 3200 Series all-in-one printer error messages and several technical issues within a short period.

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