The 500 Top Companies in Customer Service

Introducing!  A trusted online directory which generates a list of shortcuts for the 500 most requested companies  in the world.

Why would anyone need slow manual selection in the times of ubiquitous Internet with its automated services for site search and with search engines penetrating every corner of human activity?

We, at contactforhelp, believe that users have a right to get information on a topic of interest from all the available sites.



Everyone has the right to know about the details of the company whose service they are looking for, not just the one forced by the most popular resource. Even though a search engine offers a dozens of links for any request, yet experienced Internet users knows how difficult it may be to find exact information on a particular issue.

Therefore the purpose of the is to make the search easy and provide the correct information. is a complete directory aimed to provide help to all the customers who are searching for details about customer support services, online support contacts and other telephone client support information. We have details of phone numbers, multiple corporate customer service details, options to add user comments and also the options to list a company.

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