5 Secret ways to Grow your Business with Facebook

In today’s era of Internet technology, social networking websites become the great way to promote your business. While Facebook has no need of introduction, it is a very smart move to promote your business and share ideas via message boards. Nowadays, many businesses already have a Facebook business page where they run the cheapest and most targeted PPC advertisements that you might ever find.  If you’re trying to understand how to do the same, here are some tips and tactics:

Grow your Business with Facebook


You have heard from someone to say that “content is king”. As per the user opinion, this is completely true, and content and community requirements still exist. If you want to promote your business, you have to be regularly engaged with your page and constantly adding value over it. The best content will surely help you to do the same, but if you don’t have any supportive community to show your content, then it could be ineffective and wasted. So, start with growing a community before starting to promote. Remember that people will only buy from you when they trust in your business.


Promoting your business and getting more users by offering away freebies may look like a harebrained selling way, especially if you have started your business now. But if you know how to run it properly, this marketing tactic will definitely work. If you want to sell your service or product, try to offer freebies, for example, if you are selling a Photoshop action, then try to give it free for those who like your Facebook page.

Facebook Contest

This is one another best way to increase fans and grow your business. Although, there is no huge difference in between freebies and a contest, but a freebie can include lower-value items like one Photoshop action the entire set, generally it gives a sense to people what they are buying. Whereas, a contest is used to make the excitement and reinforce branding, could win something big from the entire set.

The reason why a contest works because it not only enhances consumers on your Facebook page, but also grows email leads also. For example, if you have an e-commerce women’s apparel store, then you can host a Facebook contest giving away some of your apparels. The contest will surely work and attract the fans.


Offering discounts is another tactic to promote your business with Facebook. According to the survey reports, nowadays every Facebook user likes a business page to get the information about discount. Here are some approaches help you by giving away discounts.

  • Like a page to get the discount

This is the simplest way to ask someone to like a page in order to gain a hidden discount code which can be used when they pay at your store or when checkout from your online store.

  • Like a product for discount

This slightly differs from the earlier, and wants someone to like a product to avail a discount. For Instance, a shirt and poster company is giving 5% discounts when you click on the like button. When you like the shirt, posters, not only get a discount, but also appear on your profile. It depends on the business strategies.

Use Promoted Posts

Such kinds of posts are generally used to target the people have similar interest and connected with you. If you use it wisely, it can be effective for your business to grow up. Posts can be seen as a “vote of confidence” from yourself to family and friends, like you can tell them this is the trusted post and you have an interest, and they can also do the same.

Use the promoted posts:

  • When you are offering something useful that people will like.
  • Running a social media contest. Consumers’ loves contest and promoting it not only help to spread out your contest, but also awareness about your brand.
  • If you want to grow email leads in your mailing list.

The following are the five simple yet useful tactics in order to grow your business page with Facebook. If you have any query or technical problem while accessing the Facebook page, just avail the Contactforhelp and locate the Facebook customer service phone number in order to fix the problem promptly.

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