Restore your Deleted Deposits in QuickBooks!

When a cash or check is recorded accurately in the QuickBooks, the finances are allocated to the account that reads ‘Un-deposited Funds’ until a real deposit is prepared from the business checking account. Once you hit on the ‘Make Deposits’ icon, the entire funds obtained that have been deposited into the “Un-deposited Funds” account so that they can be clustered mutually to frame a solitary deposit into the checking account.

Restore your Deleted Deposits in QuickBooks

However, if you make any mistake in the collection of received payments, just delete the deposit and fix the error. Additionally, you can also contact with the QuickBooks customer service in order to fix the error and restore your accidentally deleted Deposits.

  1. Opt for the mistake that caused the wrong deposit and required removal. In most cases, when a number of customers pay the same amounts, there are chances to include the wrong payment of customer mistakenly into a deposit. Once a deposit is deleted, the person generating payments that deposit to get back automatically to the ‘Un-deposited Funds’ account.
  1. Confirm the bank deposit slip you applied for the deleted deposit. Also check the name of customers beside the deposit you entered into the records. Hit on the ‘Make Deposits’ icon placed on the company home page file. Once, the window will open up, hit on the ‘payments’ button. The opened window will show you the complete payments that have been collected.
  1. Confirm each payment that you insert to this deposit, but do carefully and don’t make the same blunder again. Check the ‘Deposit To’ account located in the window upper left corner, and ensure that you are managing the deposit into the correct bank account .You should also need to confirm the deleted deposit date to make the bank reconciliation is easier.
  1. Open up the checking account register from which the deposit was removed. If you are trying to recover the deposit after the monthly reconciliation has been started, just go to the register once the exact deposit has been entered. Search the restored deposit and then search the fifth column from the left side. Opt for a check mark placed on the column top side and hit into the check mark box.

Not that it indicates that the deposit has been reconciled. Now, your reconciliation for this month will not be off by the deposit amount.

However, if you are unable to restore your deleted Deposits from this accounting software, it is recommended to consult with the dedicated professional by calling on the QuickBooks phone number available over the Contactforhelp.

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