Restore Mozilla Firefox to Default Settings without Uninstalling

Do you wish to start Mozilla Firefox with freshness, but the thought of uninstalling and reinstalling it makes you get embarrassed? Don’t worry! Now you can recover the Firefox goodness with a simple process is the ‘Safe Mode’. Well, you can also do some pre-reset of your browser by following the ways outlined below:

  1. The main browser window
  2. The add-ons window
  3. The about:config settings window

Note: If you are having bookmarks and saved passwords on your browser, then it is automatically deleted when you reset it. If you want to keep your bookmarks saved, it is best to Synchronize bookmarks in Firefox with another web browser.

Resetting the Firefox Installation

  1. There are two methods you can run Firefox in ‘Safe Mode’ to reset your browser. Before resetting the Firefox, it is advisable to remove extensions and themes manually using the add-ons window.
  • The first method is to use ‘Safe Mode’ via your Start menu in the Programs section.
  • The second method is to use ‘Safe Mode’ via the Run function. Here, you need to enter ‘Firefox -safe-mode’ in the search bar and then click ‘OK’.
  1. When you have run the browser in ‘Safe Mode’, a window will appear in order to select the actions you want to perform. Here, you need to select all the options excluding the ‘disable all add-ons’ option. When selection has made, hit on the ‘Make Changes and Restart’ button.
  1. Once the browser restarted, you can notice the differences in the home page appearance.

The add-ons and themes are still installed and working, you just need to check the extensions compatibility with the browser. Now, your original search engines have been restored, and you will get all the bookmarks back to its original state. You should also check for the custom about:config setting notifies that the settings have been reset to the default.

However, if you are having problems with the Firefox installation, it is suggested to talk to the skilled expert by dialing the Mozilla Firefox support phone number. You will get the brief instructions to perform a clean re-installation of your Firefox browser.

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