Quick Tips for Troubleshooting Outlook Issues

In today’s time, now no official work can be successfully completed without the usage of email services. And, to be honest, Outlook is one of the most preferred email service providers, especially for business organizations and official purposes. However, in spite of so many benefits that outlook offers, the user still face difficulty while configuring Outlook account or even when they want to delete Outlook account.

Apart from these issues, there are a few more glitches that users have to face on a daily basis which can’t be ignored easily. So, if such is the case with you, it’s advisable for you to go through this blog so that you can understand some of the basic tips to troubleshoot common errors of Outlook. Let’s take a quick look.
Outlook support numberDisable add-ons
To be simple and precise, the more is the number of add-ons, the more is the chance of slow downing of your system. So, it’s advisable for you to keep disabling unwanted add-ons so that you can have a smoother working experience on your Outlook account. Failing to this will pile up more add-ons, which will automatically cause innumerable glitches and bugs while using your Outlook account.

Scan PST
Undoubtedly the PST files are known for developing errors. And, when they do, they can prevent Outlook from working smoothly, which in turn creates a problem in the long run. At times when Outlook doesn’t work, one of the first things one should do us is run scanpst.exe against each PST file used within Outlook. But be warned: Scan PST can take some time to run. Also it should back up all your data while scanning for errors, and repair any errors found. If the data file is large, this process will surely require some time. To run Scan PST, you’ll need to locate the scanpst.exe executable. (Its location will depend on upon the version of Windows being used.

Delete/Rebuild profile
If none of the above tricks work, the best way to resolve this issue is by deleting your outlook profile, followed by re-building it. But as you are in the process, you are required to be warned of that if Outlook is working with a POP account, the current Inbox and calendars, etc will need to be exported as a data file. However, they can be re-imported after the POP account is re-created.

Trying these everyday hacks of overcoming glitches from your Outlook is probably the safest and quickest way to ensure that no slow downing of your system persists. But, if the problem still continues to irritate you, make sure that you get in touch with experts to resolve your queries by dialing at Outlook email help phone number.

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