How to Troubleshooting the Epson Printer Ink Cartridge Issues

Undoubtedly, Epson printers are the most suitable ones for home printing. Aside from the printing capability, these printers come with the multiple options, including faxing, copying, and scanning in one all-in-one unit. You also need to use the original ink cartridges that can be very expensive. Indeed, the high price rate leads many users to look for alternatives, such as refilling the toner. Though, it will save your money and time but does encounter issues after refilling the cartridges or using third-party toner. So, whenever you get trapped in the same situations, you should consult with experts via the Epson printer customer service number.

Epson printer customer service

Refilling the Cartridges

The first issue with the refill print cartridge is the way of refilling them. It is a sophisticated process, so it’s better to do with the steady hand. A nozzle is used to insert the ink into the cartridge that should be filled and then injected into a small hole in the Epson cartridge. You must add the toner manually into the print cartridge. For the technicians, the process doesn’t matter the effort. Refilling a cartridge process can take too much time.

Leaks and Messes

In the ink refilling process, it is always leaked. When it’s inserted, the toner leads bubble up wet onto the clean surface. Even if you have followed precautions and covered the work surface using the plastic or paper, it is possible to get the ink dots on your clothes and furniture. It also catches on your hands. At that time, you need to clean it as quickly as possible with a household cleaner or soap and water.

Cartridge Problems

Epson printer cartridges don’t have any plug holes. Thus, you need to be inserted from the cartridge body. The hole is built using a hot soldering iron or thumb drill. You need to make the hole on the top of the print cartridge in the exact position to give access to the internal of the ink cartridge containers. If not, the ink cartridge cannot be refilled. It’s very tough to specify if the hole is built in the correct position since the print cartridge isn’t seeing through. The ink cartridges also tend to drain and damage of the parts. After performing several refill process, you may require replacing the cartridge.

Resetting the Chip

The ink cartridge should be reset if your computer doesn’t detect them. It is one of the complex problems with the ink cartridge refills. However, you can fix this issue using the chip resetter, which is a simple device used to set the chip back to its default settings. It lets your PC use the chip as a brand new product. The issue includes further steps and extra costs for the users.

Print Quality

Most of the actions consider incorrect in your Epson printer when you use a refilled cartridge. The first thing is that the ink doesn’t distribute appropriately due to pressure hitches if the refill hole of your cartridge isn’t closed tightly, it often arises the issue. It causes the grainy prints or blurred images. Even you may not get the exact color with refill inks. If the print cartridge is broken, the toner can escape inside your printer and move from the print head to the paper producing ruined prints and large smudges.

If everything else solution is unusual to fix the cartridge refill issues and the ink cartridge problem continues with your Epson printer, try to consult with the technical experts directly. By calling on the Epson support number, you can get the step-by-step directions to refill the toner and avoid these issues as well.

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