How to Troubleshoot Common POGO Game Issues

POGO is a quite famous name in the entertainment world, as it offers more than 100 of games into different formats like sports games, free card games, casual games, etc. Now, the popularity of this gaming website is increasing day by day, and it becomes the most commonly browsed site. However, despite being the popular one, there are some technical issues with POGO games regularly experienced by the players. But still, you can fix or troubleshoot all problems associated with games with the quick customer service by dialing the POGO customer service number .

POGO Games Support number

Here’re some of the commonly occurred POGO issues as well as the solutions.

Fix 1 – POGO Game Loading Problems

It can be most annoying issues for those users who can’t wait till the game loads. This may occur for shorter to the more extended period of time, relying on the browser you’re using, as every web browser has different POGO customer service. You can solve the problem on your own by reloading the website and improving the Internet connection speed. To reload the POGO game site, press the ctrl+F5 keys at the same time on your browser.

Fix 2 – Clear Browser Cache

Sometimes, the web browser cache can cause the problems when you play the POGO game online. It might cause various technical and website loading problems if you failed to clear the cache at regular intervals. So, always try to remove the temporary cache files and cookies on your web browser to speed up the browsing. To delete the cache, check the manual directions of your browser.

Fix 3 – Screen Resolution Problems

The screen resolution is the most common issue always experienced by the POGO players when playing the game on the gadget having the smaller screen. This problem has become more common among the players of smaller screen devices. One of the best screen resolutions you can set is the 1000 pixels x 768 pixels or upper.

Fix 4 – Java Issues

This is not an occasional problem for the online game players. The best approach to avoid the Java problems, always trying to update the Java to the latest version that is also compatible with your web browser and the operating system. You can also visit the POGO website and check the game specification to know which version of Java and Flash is appropriate to play the game on your browser and the computer.

Fix 5 – Game Crashing Issues

It could be frustrating when you come across a state where you get your POGO game to crash. Sometimes, you may also see an error message on the screen when playing the game. On that condition, you can solve the issues by completing the system requirements necessary to play a game over the web. You can consult the POGO customer support experts to get solutions regarding the game crashing problems.

However, if you’re still experiencing any problems when playing the POGO Game and require the immediate solution, call at the POGO Games Support number for instant help and assistance to fix several issues in a hassle-free manner.

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