Facebook has been one of the most used social media platforms in the entire world. The users have been using it since the time of its evolution but there are specific features of Facebook which are not known to the user, and they need guidance for the same. Hence, the essential features like to find people on Facebook can be done easily with the help of following steps.

Finding friends on Facebook

Facebook is one of those websites which has made communication easy. The user is one click away from the technology, but to find people on Facebook the user needs to follow certain instructions. The steps involved are:

How to find friends on Facebook by name?

To find friends on Facebook, the user needs to go to the search bar which is at the left side of the screen at the top of the page.

  • Now the user needs to enter the friend’s name in the search bar. It is because Facebook search by name is the easiest way to find people on Facebook
  • The user can also include the relevant detail to make the search process easy.
  • If this doesn’t work, then the user has to enter the friend’s email address in the search bar.
  • After the results are justified, the user can add the people they were searching for.

How to find friends on Facebook by phone number?

Facebook search friends by phone number, to do so the user can follow these two steps:

  • The user needs to enter the phone number on the Facebook search box. The results are only possible if the person for whom the user is searching has inputted their phone number.
  • One more solution is to tap the option stating ‘Forgotten password’ and enter the number. The account belonging to the number will be shown with the name

How to find friends on Facebook by city?

Facebook search people by city only if the filter has been set before hand. The user needs to follow the following steps while they search for the people they want to:

  • When the user would type the first credentials of the people, they are searching, and the user would get across the menu bar. They have to type on the “see more option.”
  • Tap on the “People” option which is there in the menu bare. Now erase credentials.
  • The user now has to select the option saying “Location” from the menu.

If the user still has issues related to the topic on how to search people from Facebook, then they can contact the helpline number of Facebook customer service. The professionals would guide the user with the queries and questions which the user is facing.

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