How to Prevent Your Dell Laptop from Overheating

There are different things that can be the reason of laptop overheating, including improper fans or clogged air vents, failing hardware components, dust, faulty electrical voltage, wrong settings of the BIOS temperature or hard drive failure can create too much heat. By using the below described methods you will be able to keep your Dell laptop cooler and functioning efficiently without accessing Dell Support services.
Dell technical support numberElevate the laptop
At first, place a small item or book under your laptop’s battery when placed on your desk. This small tip lets a lot air to flow in the laptop computer, keeping it cools significantly.  Check that the book is not closing the bottom fan hole.

However, if a book doesn’t help, then try something patchier. Attempt sticking four sockets from an egg tray of laptop corner, either you can attach them with a sticky/masking tape or use loop tape and hook for flexible design.

Keeping it cool
This is the most important to keep your Dell laptop cool so that you should purchase a laptop cooling mat. A number of brands available are in the market where you can select as per your comfort. However, if you are unable to purchase a cooling mat, you should use something hard under the computer, for example, plastic casing, desk, and tray table, wooden board to supply a solid and flat surface to let proper airflow.

Never place laptop over soft surfaces as soft, folded quilt, carpeting or pillow. It may be the reason of overheating and enough to catch in fire.

Maintain a cool environment
Try to keep your computer in a cool or air-conditioned area to let your laptop to cool down and stop it from overheats.

Use a heat sink
Consider for using a steel bar as a heat sink, because your laptop has more mass to heat up before overheating, which means the larger the bar, the longer it will keep it from overheats. This is only works when your system has a metal case and it suffers hot.

Laptop’s setting
Run a program to monitor its temperature. Numerous are available.

Stop over clocking
If you over clock you laptop, then it will be hotter usually. However, if you didn’t do that, you should not under clock since that it will make your laptop lag.

Lower the Maximum Processor states
This can be used only for Windows-based laptop rather than Mac. Hit the battery, select more option of power. Adjust plan settings for anyone your use; hit the ‘Advanced’ power settings. Hit the power processor management and then maximum followed by processor shapes.  Set both of them nearby 70-90%. (80% is suggested).

Lower Brightness
Try to set the low brightness if possible. This is also helpful to prevent overheating.

However, if you may experience the overheating issue with your laptop, it is recommended to contact as soon as possible to the expert or try to it’s cool down, otherwise it may be the reason of catch it into the fire. You can take help online by calling on the Dell technical support number. The expert will help you to find the cause and resolve it immediately.

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