How to Fix the Screen Resolution in Pogo Games?

Most of Pogo game players must be playing games on Windows and Mac machines, but there are People would be sticking with the older system. Pogo game is the option of several online gaming hungry people. Pogo in an online gaming website gives more than hundreds of free online games such as puzzle, sports, racing, cards, battle, shooting and many more to the users. But there are points when the user faces issues in the screen resolution and display. In situations like these, the user can follow the steps below.


What is Pogo screen resolution?

Frequently, when the user refers to screen resolution, they mean with the clarity of text and pictures presented on the screen. For larger purposes, such as 1600 x 1200 pixels, items look distinctive, and the text sinks to brighter and bright appearance. It gets just different in lower resolutions because screen and icons get more significant and unclear.

Steps involved fixing screen resolution

If Pogo game isn’t working due to the low-resolution factors then the user can follow these following steps:

Adjust screen resolution for windows system

  • Begin by opening the system and right tapping on the desktop. The user can view a few options, for doing what they have to tap on screen solution or the desktop screen.
  • Now choose the screen resolution
  • For the people having a club membership, the user has to set the screen resolution. The decision can be set from to 1024 by 768 or even higher depending on the system capacity.
  • Select the setting option and tap on the apply option by pressing ok
  • Now save the settings.
  • Restart the system again

Adjust screen resolution for MAC users

  • See the top of the Mac screen. The user can see an apple icon at the top on the right side. Tap on the option that says “Select System Preference.”
  • Choose the display option and study all the available screen resolution for the system.
  • Adjust the settings and exit out the system preference
  • Restart the Mac system

Adjust screen resolution in Vista

  • Begin by starting the windows button and tap the control panel option, followed by choice of appearance and personalization.
  • Below the personalization move to “Adjust screen resolution.” option
  • Look for the resolution bar or slider bar to adjust the screen resolution.
  • Move the slider from the error of 800 by 600 pixels to 1024 by 768 or higher.
  • For available pogo members, excellent screen resolution is 1152 by 864.
  • Tap on applying.
  • Save the changes, and tap ok.

If the user is still not able to solve the issue of the screen resolution in Pogo games, then the user can connect to Pogo games help center. This would let the user chat with the professionals and have a detailed version of the solution.

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