How to Deal with Hotmail Junk Mail Problems?

Hotmail is a reputed name and is recognized as the best email service providers. It has inbuilt options of managing the incoming and outgoing mails. Moreover, in case of any unwanted mails, you can use the filter option, which helps the user to receive all those unwanted emails in the junk box. In case of any spam, the Hotmail Mail automatically directs the email to your junk box, which helps us in a way to protect our email accounts from the hands of hackers and other malicious activities. Moreover, Hotmail Customer Care is always available for you to help you out, in case you are stuck with any such issues. Meanwhile, you can go through this blog to know more about the junk mail issues of Hotmail Mail.

How to Deal with Hotmail Junk Mail Problems-

How to change the Hotmail Spam Filters?

  • Login to Hotmail account
  • Click “Options,” and then “More Options”
  • Choose either show or block attachments by clicking the options under the “Block Content” menu
  • Click on the “Save”

How to Block Junk Mail in Hotmail?

  • Open the Outlook option
  • You will get to see a checkbox at the left of the email
  • Click on the “Junk” option
  • Right-click on the “Junk” folder
  • Click on the “Empty” folder
  • Click on “OK” button.

How to check the junk folder of Hotmail?

  • Open the Hotmail login page
  • Enter your login credentials (the username and password)
  • Click on “Junk” options
  • As soon as you click on that folder, you will find all the junk mails there
  • You can move that junk mail to your inbox as well by right  clicking on it and choosing the option for “Move to Inbox”
  • Click on the “Junk” mail

How to stop emails from going to the Junk Mail?

  • Open your Hotmail account
  • Go to the inbox screen and choose “Junk E-mail” folder
  • You need to right-click on each of those mails from the list, which you don’t consider as junk
  • After you have selected it, make sure that you have scrolled and selected the “Junk email” option
  • Later, you need to click on the option “Mark as not junk”
  • You need to follow the on-screen instruction, and accordingly the incoming emails will be shifted to the respective folders, be it the inbox or the junk mail folder.

How to contact Hotmail Customer Service?

To know how you can activate the junk folder option or for any other queries related to the same, make sure that you have consulted the professionals at a Hotmail technical support number. Just as you dial this number, you will be provided with quick troubleshooting tips by the professional  team. If you don’t have this number, make sure that you have availed it from the website – The website is considered to be a famous online directory that provides reliable phone numbers of all the customer service teams of various companies that are located in the USA and Canada.

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