How to Allow Blocked Program in AVG Internet Security

If you have an installed AVG Internet Security 2014 and configured its firewall component, it may block programs or applications that are considered as dangerous, and stop them from accessing the Internet connection. Sometimes, AVG blocks the program even if it is invulnerable. Although, it can be a critical situation for some users, but still you can unblock it by making some change in its security settings. But be careful, if you unblock a risky program that sends and receives dangerous data likely.

AVG customer support

More so, you can also address your query to the expert by contacting at the AVG customer support number, in case if you don’t have too much technical knowledge about software. There is no need to restart your PC after making changes, the programs are unblocked promptly. The following guidelines will definitely let you to allow a blocked program in AVG Internet Security instantly, just have a look.

  1. Launch the AVG Control Panel by clicking on the ‘AVG’ icon in the system tray, double time, and then hit the Firewall icon to show the Firewall screen.
  2. To make sure AVG doesn’t block programs further without taking permission, hit the ‘Change’ button located in the ‘Firewall Mode’ section.
  3. Choose the ‘Interactive mode’ option and then choose the ‘Apply’ button and click ‘OK’. Once the option is selected, it prompts you to let or block new programs.
  4. Click on the ‘Settings’ button and then choose the ‘Applications’ tab. the complete list of applications have installed on your computer will be displayed.
  5. The list size can be pretty long, thus you have to move down to find the program you want to unblock. Click on the ‘Block’ icon beside the program name in the Action column.
  6. Subsequently, choose the ‘Allow’ option from the menu to unblock the application. Click the ‘Apply’ button to make changes in settings, followed by ‘OK’ to close the window.

However, if the AVG is still blocking programs and prevent them to use the Internet, you can take the expert assistance in this critical situation by calling on the AVG customer support phone number. If the number you have called is not giving any response and going to be busy from so much time, it is suggested to directly visit the Contactforhelp and find out the alternate contact number.

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