With billions of users across the globe, Facebook is surely the best and the most reliable social media platform. However, it is its loading problem that affects most of its users. To be honest, the loading problems in Facebook can occur due to several reasons. And, until and unless you identify the cause behind it, you would not be able to troubleshoot it. So, it is of course necessary for you to take a complete look on what Facebook loading problem actually is and how you can resolve it by following a few quick and easy steps. Moreover, if you want to know the process of troubleshooting it, this blog is a must-read for you. Here, we have mentioned some of the various causes and solutions for this problem. So, take a quick look at them:

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Facebook not loading properly: Major Reasons

If you are facing the problem while loading FB, it might have occurred due to several reasons. We have enlisted them below. We would request you to take a look at major reasons behind this issue so that you would be able to easily troubleshoot them.

Slow or poor internet connectivity

One of the most important reasons why we face loading problem with Facebook is due to the slow or poor internet connection. You can confirm it by trying to open other websites. And, if other websites are also not opening or getting loaded, then there are chances of poor internet connection. In general cases, you can troubleshoot this problem by simply restarting the device. Make sure that you have completely turned off the modem or router for a few seconds at least, followed by turning it on again. Generally, the Facebook problems loading get fixed with this. However, if it doesn’t, you can try other ways to improve the internet connection or by jumping on to the next hack that are given here.

Unwanted cache and temporary files

It might be possible that due to the increase in the number of cache and temporary files, you are now facing the Facebook not loading problems. When you open a website, a few important files automatically get downloaded on your system. These files help the user to re-open the particular website faster than before. However, due to the piling up of these files, the free space of the system gets reduced. And, as a result, the performance and speed is badly affected. So, in such cases, it is recommended to the user to ensure that they have removed the temporary files from their systems. And, once the removal is completed, try to load Facebook again. It will help you in resolving the problems instantly. And, just in case, if you are unable to fix the Facebook problems loading, make sure that you have tried to resolve the problems with the Internet Browser that you are using to load Facebook.

Issues with the Internet browser

Now, you need to remember that there is a possibility of Internet browser not working, and as a result, Facebook stops loading. So, no matter if you are using the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, you need to try a few steps to resolve the matter. Mostly, the extensions, ad-ons and plugins are considered to be the major reasons why the browser creates a problem for you.

Virus or malware attacks

Last but never the least, malware attacks could be another reason why your Facebook homepage not loading. And, to resolve this problem, it is obvious that you would have to take an immediate help of any antivirus programs. Just install and run antivirus as soon as possible. Once you are assured of the fact that your device is free from all types of virus, try loading Facebook once again. It might fix your problem.

Facebook not loading on chrome

If your Facebook is not loading on Chrome, make sure that you have implemented the following steps as soon as possible:

Method 1:

  • Open Chrome
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Click on “Extensions”
  • Remove the extensions with the help of “Delete” option.

Method 2:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Click on “Show Advanced Settings”
  • Click “Reset Settings” button

It will restore the Chrome to the default setting, followed by resolving your issue.

Facebook app not loading

If your Facebook app is not loading properly, it is important for you to try the following hacks to fix the issue:

  • Check the internet connection, and improve its speed, in case it is slow.
  • Refresh the Facebook App that you are currently using
  • You should restart the App after quitting it for at least a few seconds.
  • Reboot the phone that you are currently using
  • Update the Facebook App
  • Adjust the DNS settings
  • Disable the VPN

Facebook not loading: Instant Fix

If you don’t want to fix it on your own, you can try taking the help of Facebook Customer Support team. You can contact them via phones, emails and chat service. For an instant Facebook email help, you should contact their Facebook customer service team by simply dialing their phone number. You may quickly avail their phone number, if you visit the website – Contactforhelp. It is a trusted and verified online directory, which is famous for enlisting only verified phone numbers of the USA and Canada-based customer support and services.

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