Do’s and Don’ts for protecting your data while using public Wi-Fi

Who doesn’t love to enjoy free internet connection, but hardly anyone knows that using public Wi-Fi is more like inviting dangers as your personal information might get leaked. Yes, you read that right. We have the tendency to connect our cell phones, tablets or laptops with the public Wi-Fi connection while we are traveling or in a coffee shop. But, do we know that apart from you there are plethoras of other users as well who are also connected to the same network, including the hackers. And, they are eagerly waiting to hack your personal data through the same public Wi-Fi connection.

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Well, we are not here to make you feel afraid, however, this blog is just to make you aware and precautions. In order to know the safety guidelines for the same, you can anytime reach router customer service by calling up at router support number. Alternatively, we have also come up with some of the do’s and don’ts of using the public Wi-Fi, you can take a quick look: Before you build the connection, you need to check out the place before you settle into a nice spot.

  1. Also, it is advisable for you to sit somewhere so that your back is facing a wall. It will stop others to peep into your system
  2. You must assume that no Wi-Fi connection is safe and reliable
  3. Assume that if the association name is like the WiFi recognize, this could imply that the programmer was shrewd. Ask of the supervisor of the hotel, coffee shop and so forth., for data about their WiFi access point.
  4. You ought to consider utilizing your cell phone for sensitive exercises, for example, internet shopping.
  5. Use a VPN, or virtual private system. A VPN makes an impenetrable passage through which your data voyages. The passage scrambles the majority of your managing an account, email and other touchy exchanges, and additionally downloads, with the goal that you won’t need to stress over a cheat or snoop blocking your transmissions.


  1. Try not to leave your spot without your gadget – not notwithstanding for a minute.
  2. Don’t email messages that are sensitive
  3. Don’t leave your record sharing on.
  4. If you’re not utilizing your remote card, then don’t abandon it on. Closing down your remote card on your gadget keeps your gadget from hunting down and associating with simply any WiFi. Numerous gadgets consequently associate with known and “trusted” WiFi that may, truth be told, be powerless against assault. Killing the WiFi card keeps your gadget from consequently associating with possibly involved systems.
  5. Never practice any banking activities
  6. Don’t position your gadget so that somebody close-by can see the screen.

If you have any other queries related to it, all you can do is to give a call to the Router customer service number. Just in case, you don’t have their correct number, you can avail it from our website. We offer reliable numbers for all the US and Canada-based customer services that are specifically located in the US or in Canada.

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