Common Gmail Problems with simple step-by-step solutions

Everybody would agree to the fact that even in the present generation, email is considered the circulatory system in the body of any business. While other communication means like SMS, instantaneous messaging, and calling often expands the company’s communication strategy; email continues to be the solid core of every business correspondence. Gmail among these is the emailing platform which has provided users with reliable and steady services and continues to extend its horizons each second. Although there are times when the user has faced specific issues in its functioning and went to perplexity on how to solve it. Hence, here are some of the problems and Gmail troubleshooting steps to help the user with the difficulty they are facing:

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How to resolve the Gmail issues?

Gmail issues can be faced anytime while working on the platform. The main agenda is to fix them so that the work path is not being interrupted any time soon. Some of the common issues faced by the users are:

Forgot Gmail password

There are times when the user is so busy in their life that the simple part of remembering password is dodged in many ways. So the question arises that how to recover Gmail account password via easy steps?  Here are some of the steps which the user can use while recovering the password

  • Start by going to the account.
  • Tap on “forgot password” option.
  • The website would ask the user about the last password that they remember.
  • Gmail forgot password verification code will be sent to the registered mobile number or the registered account.
  • Next, create a new password

How to sync contacts in Gmail?

Gmail sync process is necessary to backup the data. The user can follow the following steps to sync their data.

  • Verify that Gmail is installed on the device.
  • Visit the “Settings” option, and then visit the ‘Accounts and Sync’.
  • Allow the accounts and syncing service.
  • Choose the account for setup
  • Verify that “backup contacts to Gmail” option is enabled
  • Tap ‘Sync now’ option and pause until all the contacts have been synchronized with the account.

Gmail server error 007

Gmail server error 007 is seen when the original programs are installed on the system over the remote ones that are being entirely uninstalled. This error can be solved easily by the following steps:

  • At the initial phase, that the user needs to do is right click Disk C to select the “Properties” option.
  • Gmail not loading issue would occur, therefore, tap disk cleanup. With this, the user would see a window just on the right side. The method will take some minutes.
  • Now, below the disk cleanup option the user will see that there are files to delete, tap the data that the user don’t need to free from the system space.
  • In the end, the user needs to tap ok.
  • Gmail error 007 would be quickly resolved.

How to block spam mails?

Often users have a question stating “how to block emails on Gmail,” and this process can be easily achieved with the help of three simple steps:

  • Blocking a sender involves three necessary actions:
  • Start by opening a message from the unwanted sender.
  • Choose “Block” option from the message drop-down menu.
  • Verify the choice by confirming it.

Gmail not receiving emails

What has to be done if Gmail not getting emails issue occurs? Well, these are the situations when the user should be following the below-mentioned steps to troubleshoot the not receiving email problem.

  • Check if there is the problem with the internet.
  • If the user is not getting emails, Gmail needs to visit the option which states as spam items and see whether the email is there or not
  • Also, the user needs to delete the emails that are not relevant to them
  • The user also must check if they have blocked the specific email address to which they are sending emails or not.

How to contact Gmail?

The above mentioned errors and issues are faced and encountered by the users while they are working on Gmail services. If the user feels that they need a more detailed solution to the problem, and have more issues regarding the same, then they can contact the Gmail Customer Service number. The professionals would guide the user and help them with difficulty. Not only this, but the user is allowed to contact Gmail via live chat or emails. The verified number can be determined with the help of a website Contactforhelp. It is an online directory that helps the user to resolute the verified and appropriate number.  Hence, the customer can login to the website to get all the correct numbers.

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