Canon Recently launched its New Pixma All-in-One Printer with minimized footprints and sleeker design

Canon has recently decided to come up with the updated version of its Pixma all-in-one wireless printers with four new models (copy, scan, print; no fax), the TS5020, TS6020, TS8020, and TS9020. With complete new exteriors, the printers have enhanced usability on account of touch screens (aside from on the TS5020 display) along with equipping the products with friendly user interface. They are likewise more comprehensive, especially regarding features and design, and sleeker than the MG-series printers they supplant. Now, it has diminished impression by as much as 15 percent — while not giving up on its best of features.


The highest point of line TS9020 accompanies a huge, 5-inch touch screen while the TS8020’s screen shrivels to 4.3 inches. The TS6020 has a 3-inch touch screen, while the TS5020, as the section level model, makes due with a non-touch, 3-inch screen and manual buttons. The higher-end models likewise include a board that consequently opens and withdraws to uncover the paper plate; the lower-end models are manually functional. Additionally, Canon also decided to bring back rear paper feed, which had been expelled from the past MG-series models.

Each of the four printers includes a fantastic startup time of only six seconds — which is almost half the time take by the MG-series models. Every TS printer offers access to Canon’s Pixma Cloud Link service, which can print from for all intents and purposes anyplace using a smartphone or tablet if there’s an Internet association. The printers additionally highlight Google Cloud Print coordination, permitting Gmail messages, connections, and certain Google Docs to be sent straight to the printer. The higher-end TS8020 and TS9020 models can likewise print specifically from Android gadgets utilizing NFC, or from Apple gadgets through AirPrint.

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