Boosting your Customer Service!! Why is it so Important?

In our daily life routine there are many times we come across a sign of a company saying:

‘Top Class Customer Service’

‘Awarded for Best Customer Support’

This need for boosting of consumer support is the sign that times have changed. Companies have started to realize that consumers are definitely the kings of the market and will remain so in future too. With at least 10 companies working in the same sector, offering same products at more or less the same price, the consumers have the benefit of being picky and choosing that one company that offers the best quality product at cheaper price, with the added benefit of responsive consumer support. To prove this fact, below are the key points of a survey called “Global Consumer Pulse Survey”, conducted by Accenture:

  • More than 51% of US consumers are ready to switch companies over poor customer service.
  • Most of the respondents stated that they get frustrated when they have to call a company numerous times for the same issue and are more likely to switch over to the competitor if the service is not improved.

The above points prove that, although there are consumers who are very loyal to a specific brand, most of them can be swayed by offering better consumer service.

Now the big question is – How to improve the customer support without bringing in many changes in the internal departments? It’s quite easy; just inform your support team to focus on below points when talking to a consumer:

  • Treat them like your boss: Ever heard of the phrase “Boss is Always Right”. Yes! Keep that in mind and make sure that your customer feels that you have taken him very seriously and he is right to make a complaint.
  • Make them Feel Special: Customer support is not always about talking to your consumer when they have an issue. Wishing them on their special days such as birthdays, anniversaries etc, like facebook customer support that informs user of upcoming events, and offering special sale on that day, can take your company a long way ahead, where consumer loyalty is concerned.

Remember that customer support can be availed in numerous ways and companies should make sure that they offer their users different types of support. Online directories like contactforhelp also helps in locating support details like number and email id of companies whose numbers are not easily accessible.

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