Best Features of the recently launched Brother Mobile Printer PJ-663

Printers play a significant role in both official and personal lives. Since it helps in performing tasks like printing, scanning, and Fax, nobody can deny the fact that printers are considered to be one of the most useful devices in today’s time. And, Brother has taken a step ahead by launching the latest portable printing device. Yes, it’s most recent PJ633 model is a mobile printer which can help the users in print through anyplace and anytime. If you want to know all the details about it, you must contact the professionals at Brother Printer customer service number.  Also, we have to dissect some of its highs and lows, take a look:

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 As the item was really intended for being effortlessly convenient, it coordinates the desires. PJ-663 is little in size and weight (1.3 lbs.) that you can even carry it in your tablet pack. You can keep the printer on for all intents and purposes; there is no requirement as such to the only keep on the flat surface. So you can do without much of stretch print documents in a moving vehicle too. As there is no ink, once the paper is stacked you can slant the item in any point you need. Dissimilar to the inkjet printers, there is no dread of ink spilling out or ink spillage since this item doesn’t utilize ink by any stretch of the imagination. Indeed, even the issue of refilling is additionally dispensed with.


 The mobile printer accompanies onetime venture expenses of around $400. You won’t get battery or power cable along with the printer. You will need to buy them independently. You can buy Li-particle, Ni-Hydride batteries given your financial plan.

 As this printer doesn’t utilize any ink, the maintenance cost related to this item is practically nil. You just need to pay for the warm paper (As on date 100 sheets cost you around $20).

 Printing Quality

 As per the specifications of this product, PJ-663 can print up to 300 dpi (Dots per Inch). Also, the product ensures the users with the clear printouts for a significant portion of the content and pictures. However, you can only print the black and white documents.


 This printer can print up to 6 PPM (Paper per Minute). Speed is of most extreme significance for a compact printer. In light of a few tests, it was found that this printer takes up to 10 seconds for loading (Based on the client), and even half of that time for printing. In any case, the printing time may increase if you try to take out the printers.

 Power Control

 Being a portable printer this printer utilizes just 1.1 W when on standby and 37 W when being used. This is low power utilization when contrasted with many other LaserJet or Inkjet printers. You can likewise utilize rechargeable batteries and one full charge is adequate to print up to 100 pages of reports.


 For power system in light of the use, one can purchase for all time wired unit if the utilization is in a vehicle or an AC connector if we need to utilize it with a divider attachment. There are numerous different alternatives accessible in light of the necessity.

 Drivers are available for Windows, Apple, and Linux items. For the transfer of files to the printer, you can utilize USB or Bluetooth network. Be that as it may, a couple of clients raised the issue where they are facing problems while connecting the Bluetooth device with the printer. Just in case, if you are also facing similar kind of issues, feel free to give a buzz at Brother Customer service phone number. Also, if you don’t have the number, you need to ensure that you have availed the number from the official site of Contactforhelp. It is an online directory that offers numbers of all the customer support and services.

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