5 Troubleshooting Tips to Fix Linksys Wireless Router Issues

The router that forms an essential part of the Internet connection can cause several problems and prevent users from connecting to the Web. If you’re facing issues with your Linksys wireless router, there are some troubleshooting options that you can try to fix the problems and get the uninterrupted Internet. If restarting the computer doesn’t fix the problem, you can contact Linksys customer care number to get the immediate solutions. To resolve the Linksys router issues, you can also follow the steps below.

Linksys Wireless Router Issues

Step 1 – Check that your computer and the Linksys router are turned on. Also, make sure that the green power light on your router is on.

Step 2 – Ensure that all the physical connections between your wireless router and other computer are firmly attached. If you find the broken or loose cable, then fix it instantly.

Step 3 – Check that your wireless router has the similar SSID and WEP settings as the other devices connecting to the same Wi-Fi network. Here’s how to check these settings:

  1. Enter the IP address in the Address field and press the ‘Enter’ key.
  2. Once asked for the username and password, you have to remain the Username box empty and enter admin into the ‘Password’ text box. Press ‘Enter.’ You will be directed to the Router Setup page.
  3. Make sure that the WEP and SSID settings equal to the devices connecting to the same wireless network.

If you face problems during the Router Setup page login process, call on the Linksys router support number and get the support of experts to fix the issues instantly.

Step 4 – Check that the network cord is away from the electrical outlets, uninterruptible power supplies, fluorescent lighting fixtures, and other causes of the interference like cordless phones and other electronic equipment.

Step 5 – If nothing else works to resolve the connection issues with your Linksys wireless router, resetting the router to the default factory settings is only the way to fix the problems. To do so, check this guide:

  1. Insert a pen or anything small paper clip to press the Reset hole on the front of your router.
  2. Once you have pressed down the reset button, keep continuing it for 3 seconds or until the Red blight appears.
  3. Reboot your computer and try to connect to the network again.

If it doesn’t work to resolve the wireless router issues, you can configure it again to fix the problems. The Linksys router setup process is quite easy, and you can check the router user’s manual for the specific directions.

Other Considerations

If the problem keeps continuing and you’re unable to connect to the network after following the above troubleshooting tips, you should look for other possibilities that can cause the internet connection issues. Check that the firmware is also upgraded to the latest version. For the additional support and solutions to your router issues, you can call on the Linksys customer service number.

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