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Acknowledged as the world’s number one security software, Avast Antivirus is now shielding more than 230 million people worldwide. By means of three levels of security system, it commits to keep all of your accounts protected, with just one unbreakable password. Also, it is equipped with extra-sensitive sensors that guard your system against threats that don’t even exist yet.

Regardless of being so user-effective and beneficial, users of this software have to face few malfunctions like –

  1. Billing issues
  2. Installation/ Un-installation troubles
  3. Software updating issues
  4. System slowdown
  5. Avast internet security 2013-14 problems
  6. Errors like RPC, 1068, 42111 etc.

Since the above-given issues are quite common, it is significant for you to troubleshoot it at the initial level itself. If you come across such glitches, make sure that you consult experts. You can get in touch with them by giving a call to Avast Internet Security Service Number. Just in case, you don’t have the number, make sure that you have availed their original numbers from our website.

Get Quick and Reliable Support by Calling Avast Customer Service Number!

Phone Number:   888-604-2301

Call Time:              Average Wait: 1 mins — 24 hours, 7 days, also available on Holidays.
Talk to human:       Just wait
For online help:     AVAST Customer Care
Company URL:      www.avast.com
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number to call:        call via web

7 Responses to Avast Customer Support

  1. Lyn Burrows says:

    My Avast licence was renewed on 15/03/2016. (see confirmation email) Why have I received notice to renew my subscription and am now not protected?
    Lyn Burrows

  2. Dorothy Crooks says:

    I have called you and email to tell you I have paid for my Avast 4 times. You have taken 4 payments out of my credit card for the same thing. I am trying to get someone to help me. My phone number is 641-430-****

  3. Lori Taylor says:

    I am getting an error message on my AVG Anti-virus free edition, 11.1.2253. It says you are unprotected. Avast background service is not running. Clicking on resolve all does nothing. Rebooting does not help. I went in to repair avast in controlpanel, and it gives me an error message before the end of the repair. System restore also doe snot help. What do I do to fix this? I cannot be without the anti virus program.

  4. Koen Mortier says:

    A while ago I paid 19.99 euros on your account to protect my PC. To extend my antivirus. To date, I have received nothing from you. Is it possible to see what went wrong.
    Hoping for a quick response,
    Koen Mortier
    Tel: 0032485544305

  5. jean bruno feruzhi says:

    you have been taken money on my debut card whitout my permission and I am not using your avast anti virus please I need my money back.

  6. Darko says:

    I can’t to find correct activation code for Avast Antivirus 2016 and looks like this:
    prntscr dot com/aq0fey
    That password need to have 18 digits .
    This don’t work C47315810H1200A1017-2UW7TV9X and more digits of activation code which I search.


  7. Arunas Andziulis says:

    My dear,
    Arunas Andziulis, today I made you a payment for two years AVAST from the account LT77 7044 0004 4062 8878.

    But I made the mistake of pointing out an e-mail. error is arunasa.iik.ku@gmail.com

    My good email is arunas.iik.ku@gmail.com
    Help my?

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